Rage is both my strength and my burden.

...the orphan child of fear and despair.

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I really enjoyed this. I've been drowning in the lack of good (or any) fic for this show so finding your work is amazing. I love how well it connects to the show and how both characters are so IC it's lie reading the novelization of a lost episode or something. Great job!

Oh gosh, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and wow, such compliments! Feeling rather giddy over here. XD I was rather nervous while writing everything out, worried that I wouldn't be able to get it to work like I wanted. Fortunately it all ended up coming together.

Also I'd respond with a more friendly icon, but as we know, this rage machine has yet to crack an actual smile. :| LOL

I really love seeing aya and razer together so this fanfic was great! I loved it and I hope that you will continue to write more.

Thank you! I do have a couple ideas for other one-shot fics, though at this point I'm waiting for the series to advance at least another few episodes before attempting to write them. I'll probably post them here when I do and link via tumblr. :)


I know you as wildhybrid on Tumblr.Im one of you followers.PLEASE,IM BEGGING YOU TO CONTINUE THIS!For once,Aya x Razer Fanfictions are invented properly.I will be reading ALL of your fanfics of these to.I have this as an icon on my iPod home screen.

It's very likely I'll be writing more one-shot Razer and Aya fics as the series continues. I may not continue this one specifically, but most of what I write are like codas, anyway. So they'll fit in between episodes here and there or expand upon specific scenes. I've got a couple more ideas already, just waiting to see how the next episode or two play out before I try writing them.

I've been away from LJ for a couple years, but I came back to check out if any fan communities sprang up for GLTAS. I haven't found much, but your little fic made all the searching worthwhile! Look forward to anything else you write in the future :'D

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